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Posted on 2017-03-27 14:43:29 by autisticfaggot

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Not sure if it's the same guy who drew this, but on halfchan /v/ there was someone who said "wheres the spikat guy? i got something for him" because i made a Spike and Kat request there and he brought up /hwndu/, so i thought it was him
Then i posted on an /ss/ drawthread and even linked to it on an 8chan's /v/ drawthread before it was deleted
So what i'm saying is: if the anon who wants to show the delivery is reading this, you could make a booru account and put it either here or halfchan's vidyart booru, so i can see it, since i can't be present all the time
Just saying

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From what I remember is that this was all requested on 8chan, in a regular drawthread, or are you talking about your own request?

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A new one i made on the last /v/ drawthread at 8chan